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The future of figure skating is here. And There. It’s ANYWHERE you want it to be with the new Rink Tank TV App.
Looking to learn an Axel? We’ve got video lectures for that. Want to see how National Men’s Medalist Dan Hollander teaches a death drop?Just check out his channel on Rink Tank TV!

Want to know what key points are important on the pattern dances for this season?Watch our tutorials with demonstrations by 5-time National Champions Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev.

Spins? We’ve got those too. Whether its a lesson on how to teach a backspin, or a breakdown of the ISJ system, we have the videos to teach you how to become a better spinner and instructor!

Rink Tank TV has it all - jumps, spins, dance, solo dance, skating skills, moves in the field, historical footage and so much more. Download the app for free. You’ll thank us - and so will your skating!


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