The Elite SK8 app series - Everything you need to get the edge on the competition.

The Elite Sk8 app series pioneered the way for coaches, athletes and parents to get a detailed understanding of the sport of figure skating through in-depth written tutorials as well as video examples of any skaitng element you can think of. Not only that, but we have used multiple National, International, World & Olympic skaters to to the video demonstrations.  You simply cannot find more powerful tools availalble.  Version 2.0 brings the Elite SK8 an entirely new redesign, as well as matching apps for the Android platform. No matter what kind of device you have, we have the most elite apps for it. Click on a title below to learn more about each individual app!


FS Jump Tech Vol. 1

FS JUMP Tech Volume 1 is the first app of it's kind, containing full Dartfish video analysis breakdowns of ever jump from singe salchow to triple Lutz! Even better, the jumps are all performed by 3-time U.S. National Champion Michael Weiss! Created in conjunction with Ben Ferriera of Skating Success, these analyses will have you at the top of your game in no time!

FS Jump  Tech Vol. 2

FS JUMP Tech Volume 2 with Michael Weiss is a collection of video demos of almost every jump possible in the figure skating world, from 4 different camera angles each! The app covers from single salchow through triple Lutz, and even more obscure jumps like the backflip and the inside axel! There is simply not a more complete collection of figure skating jump videos in existence!

In addition, 3-time United States National Champion Michael Weiss not only demonstrates them all but also serves up tutorials and tips for each of the jumps as well! 

Skate Skills Vol. 1

Skate Skills with Mark Fitzgerald is part of the 'Elite Sk8' app series - it is the only app dedicated strictly to skating skills in the world! Included are video tutorials on all of the basic turns, as well as tons of video demonstrations and descriptions of skating skills exercises. You’ll never get bored working on stroking again! It's awesome!

Skate Skills Vol. 2

Skate Skills 2 with Mark Fitzgerald continues where the original app left off! This app covers toes steps, stops, counters & rockers, Choctaws and more!

With tons of video and written content, you’ll be able to take your footwork to the next level!

FS Spin Tech Vol. 1 - Coming Soon!

FS Spin Tech is the first and only app dedicated to figure skating spins! This app includes all of the spin rules from the IJS handbook for singles, as well as all of the spin requirements for the U.S. Figure Skating Test structure, so you’ll always know what spins your skater will need!


Compulsories with Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev is the only app for compulsory dances in the world!

Included are video demonstrations of the 14-step through the gold dances, explanations, with tips from Naomi And Peter, and fully zoomable patterns that are color coded in pink for ladies and blue for the men!

All rulebook descriptions are included as well!

Solo Dance

Solo Dance is the only solo ice dance app for compulsory dances in the world! Included are video demonstrations of the hickory hoedown through the gold dances, fully zoomable patterns and more! Demonstrations are for the female steps only at the moment, and are performed by former National Competitor Trina Pratt. It’s Awesome!

FS Figure Tech 1 & 2

FS Figure Tech is part of the 'Elite Sk8' app series - it is the only app dedicated strictly to school figures! Rink Tank Interactive made sure to preserve the history of our sport by videoing all 72 school figures. The app comes complete with descriptions, diagrams and videos as well!

Whether you are brushing up on old skills or new to the world of figures, you’ll never get bored! It's awesome!